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How to add Auto Responder for mails in Linux Cpanel?

How to add Auto Responder for mails in Linux Cpanel

The Auto Responders are used to pass an automatic reply/mail to those who send e-mail to a particular individual's account during his/her absence or when he/she is engaged in some other work and unable to reply for a long time.

Kindly note that the Auto Responder can be formed, only if you have an e-Mail account in Cpanel.

Follow the below steps in order to create Auto Responder for mails -

Step 1: First, Login into your Cpanel account.

Step 2: Then click the Auto Responders icon in the homepage.

Step 3: A page named Auto Responders appears. Now click the Add Auto Responder button.

Step 4: You will be see the page named Modify/Add Auto Responder. Enter your Email name and fill the remaining columns like From, Subject and Body.

Step 5: Fill your name in the From column, enter the reason in the Subject column and finally fill up the Body column i.e. enter the description stating the cause/motive behind the creation of Auto Responder for mails.

Step 6: Once completed, click Ok and then logout from the Cpanel.

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