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How to configure MS Outlook?

How to configure MS Outlook?

Follow the below steps to configure MS Outlook.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: Click on the Tools a Email Accounts.

Step 3: Now the select option View or else change existing email accounts and click the Next.

Step 4: Highlight the account which you would like to edit and then click the Change button.

Step 5: Then click the tab named Advanced.

Step 6: Now set/place a check mark, right next to the option in order to leave a copy of messages on the server

Note: Follow the above mentioned step, in case you require the message copy to be stored in the server. But it will take additional space in the server.

Step 7: Users are allowed to modify the options on the settings in order to remove the mails after certain period of time. Users can also delete the mails from the server when they are deleted locally. Once if you have set the desired options, simply click OK -> Next -> Finish.

Step 8: Now the Microsoft Outlook will leave a copy of all downloaded mails in the server.

* Use Webmail to access the mails.

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