Questions on Linux Shared Hosting

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How to create/add a FTP account?

Create a FTP Account:Step 1: Login to your cpanel and click the FTP Manager in your cpanel interface.Step 2: Click on FTP Accounts.Step 3: Click Add FTP Account to create or add a FTP account.Step 4: Enter

How to create a MySQL Database in Cpanel?

Creating a MySQL Database:Step 1: Login to your control panel. Click the MySQL databases.Step 2: Under Create New Database, enter the database name and click Create database.Step 3: This will create a

How to create addon domains?

Create addon domainsStep 1:Login to Cpanel.Step 2:Click Addon Domains.Step 3:Enter your domain name and click submit.

How to Install Joomla from Fantastico?

Install Joomla from FantasticoStep 1: Login to Cpanel.Step 2: scroll down and select Fantastico De Luxe.Step 3: Once you are in Fantastico, choose Joomla from the side menu, it's under the Content Management

How to change PHP version in linux hosting ?

In Linux shared hosting PHP version can be changed by following the below steps :Step 1: Login to CpanelStep 2: scroll down and select Select PHP Version under Software and Services section.Step 3: Choose

How do i park my domain?

Follow the steps to know how to park a domain.Step 1: Login into the cpanel of your primary domain.Step 2: In the search box, type as 'aliases'. Now, click on the 'Aliases' icon shown below.Step 3: Enter

Changing hosting package password

Changing Web Hosting/cpanel password:Your can change or modify the password of the web space or hosting package by following the below instructions.Step 1: Login to the control panel/ cpanel using the

How to view the Disk Space Usage.

Disk space usageThe Disk space usage viewer is used to enable the user to view the disk space used. It also displays the disk usage that have been taken up by various parts of the website.Now lets see

How to restore a deleted FTP account in Cpanel?

The deleted FTP account might get deleted by mistake or purpose.Once if the FTP account got deleted it can be restored by either creating it again or by restoring the last available server backup

How do I access Control Panel CPanel ?

In your setup email, we describe one method of reaching cpanel. This can always be done by going to:http://serverIP (or) http://hostname/cpanelAfter your domain propagates to our server, you can reach

How to install CMS Tools?

How to install CMS ToolsCMS Tools is referred as Content Management Tools. The CMS tools contains applications like Word press, B2elevation, Nucleus, Drupal, Geelog etc. This tool offers users to install

how to add domain alias in cpanel?

The parked domain in cpanel will shows the same content as the main account domain site (known as alias).For Parking Domains in cpanel :Login into cPanelClick Parked Domains under Domains, Type domain

How do I Password Protect a directory in control panel cPanel ?

The following steps need to follow for Password Protect a directory in control panel (cpanel):Step 1: Login into your hosting cpanel. Under the Security section ,click on Password Protect Directories.Step

How to disable/enable Modsecurity in cpanel?

Login into cPanel.Under Security section,click ModSecurity.mod_security will be ON by default for all your sites in server. To disable mod security for the domain,make turn OFF.If you need disable mod

How to redirect domain in Cpanel?

Redirects allow you to redirect a specific page to another page and display the contents of that second page.Login into cpanelClick Redirects icon under DomainsChoose the type of redirect ,which you would