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How to make WordPress admin wp-admin as password protected ?

Step 1: Login into your hosting cpanel. Under the Security section ,click on Password Protect Directories.Step 2: Select the Document Root for your domain, then click Go.Step 3: Click on your wp-admin

How to secure a WordPress based website ?

Now a days wordpress sites are highly vulnerable  by low security level. You need to secure your word press & website. Here are few security measure that we recommend for you: 1. Delete unwanted files

My website is taking too much CPU in server, how to optimize it ?

Most of the user may found that their hosting account has been suspended in server due to excessive CPU usage in server. This can be happen if your site receiving unusually high traffic. CPU related issues

How to increase wordpress memory and php memory limit ?

Increasing PHP Memory Limit and Wordpress Memory Limit :when doing something on your site,if you see an error like below means, that PHP has hit the maximum memory limit allocated for your hosting in server.fatal

How to send mail with SMTP authentication in wordpress ?

WP Mail SMTP plugin reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() function in server. Do click below direct click for download WP Mail SMTP plugin.WP Mail SMTPUpload plugin and install

how to install wordpress?

Step 1: Login to Control Panel.Step 2: Select Wordpress under Softaculous Apps InstallerStep 3: Click on Install tab and fill all the fields.Software SetupChoose Protocol:Click the drop down and choose

I am getting error while installing WordPress?

I am getting error while installing WordPress?Generally you may face three types of error while installing wordpress and they are, First, if you are getting any 'Server' specific error, then send a mail

How to install the WordPress in Cpanel?

How to install the WordPress in Cpanel?Follow the below steps to install WordPress in Cpanel.Step 1: Login to Cpanel.Step 2: Now click Fantastico De Luxe icon the home page.Step 3: In new page, click the

Unable to login after installation of wordpress theme

Unable to login after installation of wordpress themeThis is out of our support scope. Please check whether you have done all the installations as instructed in the WordPress.

How can I Secure my Website from Hacking?

You can secure and protect your website from hacking by proceeding with the tips given below.Keep all the softwares up-to-dateThe foremost thing you need to do is to ensure that all the scripts, platforms