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how to check hosting expiry date?

The domain or hosting expiry date can be fetched from the Client Login. Once logging into the Client login, Navigate through the menu Orders --> My Invoices. You will be able to find the list of invoices

how to get host ip address in php?

CODE :gethostbyname() - Get a list of IPv4 addresses corresponding to a given Internet host nameOUT PUT :

How much webspace do I need?

This depends on the kind of web site you want to develop. Websites differ in size and structure. Simple Websites may take up a little space, where as complex websites take up a lot of space. It is therefore

How much bandwidth do I need?

Bandwidth is the measurement of the amount of data transmitted over an internet connection in a given time. Most web hosts measure bandwidth by the month and set limits accordingly. You have to know how

Do i need a Static IP address for my site?

Maybe. There are some advantages to having a unique IP for your site. When you change servers, you can point your users to a new IP, so they don't have to wait for the domain name change to propagate.

What is SSL Secure Socket Layers ?

SSLSecure Socket Layers provide a means for submitting encrypted data via the web. SSL works based upon a public key / certificate system. As data is transmitted it is encrypted into 40 bit encryption

how long does it take to setup hosting?

Once hosting purchased, hosting account will be hosted in server and login credentials will be shared to registered mail id instantly.If you registered domain name with us ,then the name server will be

how to buy ip address in HIOX india?

Static IP can be allocated only to the HIOX networks Hence, In order to buy the static IP, customer must have a hosting space with hioxindia.

how to check domain cname?

To view CNAME RECORD:Typeテつ dig cname files.yourdomainname in terminal to check your domain CNAME record details

how to get host ip address in linux?

To view only host ip addrees type below commandhostname -Iifconfig is used to configure (or) view the configuration details of network interface.Open terminal Type ifconfig , it will shows ip address,network

Can I skip from Linux hosting to Windows hosting?

Yes, you can change hosting package from Linux to Windows. You can't restore the linux hosting back up files to windows hosting, and vice versa.Do upload the files into your windows hosting.Refer the below

How to clear DNS Cache in my system ?

Flush dns cache when you canテ「冲 access a newly registered domain name in your system. You can simply flush your dns cache anytime to get new entry.To flush DNS cache in Microsoft Windows (Win XP,win

how to get host id in windows 7?

The Host ID is a 12 digit combination of numbers and letters . It also known as the MAC Address or Physical Address of computer.Go to Start-->RunEnter cmd and then click ok.Command prompt will ope,type

how to edit host file on mac?

Step : 1テつ You can open terminal either by typingテつ Terminal on the Spotlight, or by going into Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.Step : 2テつ In Terminal , type sudo nano /private/etc/hostsテつテつ

Which hosting platform should I prefer, Linux/ Windows?

Windows Hosting:Windows is the product of Microsoft, used to most common usages. The most important fact is that Wizards wait to help at any turn, tool bars are click-accessible, and you can have several