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Questions on Windows Shared Hosting

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How to configure the FTP?

How to configure the FTP?Follow the below steps to configure FTP.Step 1: Initially, download the FTP software and install it in your local computer system.Step 2: Now enter the required values for the

How to configure MS Outlook?

How to configure MS Outlook?Outlook is a part of Microsoft office suite. It is a personal information manager, mainly used as an email application. It supports user to import mails from different servers.

What is a CGI-BIN directory / folder?

CGI-BINA CGI-BIN directory is a directory (folder) on a server (or web site) that will allow the execution of a script or other software through the World Wide Web. Generally it is the only location on

We are receiving the error Secure Connection Failed while opening https? What is the problem?

Security Certificates:Secure Connection Failed :Firefox uses certificates on secure websites (those that start with https:) to ensure that your information is being sent to the intended recipient and can't

How to upload files in windows server

You can upload the files using either FTP softwares or by File Manager in plesk.Option 1: For FTP uploadYou can download the FTP software like filezilla. Then refer the below tutorial link to know how

How to upload files using Microsoft Publisher?

You can upload your files using Microsoft Publisher by following these steps:Step 1: Open the Microsoft Publisher window, go to the file menu and then select Publish to the Web.Step 2: A dialog box will

How to Upload files from frontpage?

Upload files from frontpage:To upload files from frontpage, you must use built-in FTP feature.Step 1: Open the Frontpage window, go to the file menu and then select the Publish Web.Step 2: The publish

What is FTP in web hosting?

FTP or File Transfer Protocol File Transfer Protocol is a way of transferring files between computers. Most web hosting companies also implement an FTP server on their web servers to enable you to upload

What are Frontpage Extensions?

Frontpage extensions in a web hosting plan offer support for Microsoft's Frontpage application for the development and uploading of web sites. Unless you intend to use Frontpage, there is no need for these

How to upload files using FTP in a browser IE ?

Upload files using FTP in a browser(IE)Step 1:Open your web browser and enter in the address bar.Step 2:. You will be prompted to enter the password for this account. Step

What is web.config?

What is web.config?Web.config is settings and configuration file for an ASP.NET web application. This is an XML document that specifies information regarding the web application. The Web.config files are

What is the current Windows Version and Edition?

At present, we have Windows server 2012 R2 and MSSQL Server 2014/2017 Edition. The current version and edition of windows will not be maintained as the same. The windows version and edition will be updated

Can I access my windows directory?

Can I access my windows directory?No, it is not possible for the users to access the windows directory. Users are restricted from accessing the windows directory. If a user wants to access anything other

How can I check the preview of a domain?

Use the below mentioned URL to check preview of a website or domain name, http://serverIP/~yoursitenameWhile using the URL, kindly replace the word 'yoursitename' with your website's name and replace

I have taken a shared hosting plan. How many concurrent users are supported in that?

I have taken a shared hosting plan. How many concurrent users are supported in that?Our servers have the capacity to handle few thousand requests. But as it is a shared environment, we cannot assure anything